A Message from the Principal

Ericka Blackburn
Assistant Principal:
Jeremy Rothstein
Assistant Principal:
Mike Sears
 jr sears

Good Morning Memorial Families,

The month of November is almost over.  It is the season to be thankful and I have a great deal to be grateful for.  I feel fortunate to work with a fantastic team, be surrounded by outstanding students, and be a part of such a wonderful school community.  Our Thanksgiving break  will begin on November 25th and students and staff will return to Memorial remotely on Monday, November 30th.  I hope our families stay safe and enjoy time together over the break.

With the recent announcement, regarding the shift to fully remote learning, beginning on Monday November 23rd, I want to help families and students have a  successful transition in our new learning format.  

Students are expected to attend all classes during their scheduled time and should follow the Middle School Remote Learning Schedule

In order to be actively engaged in the learning process, students should have their cameras on during classes at specific times.  Students and families should expect to have their cameras on when entering class for attendance purposes, during assessments, and other key times that will add value to the learning experience.   Camera requirements will vary from course to course as each discipline is unique. Our teachers love seeing their students' faces and are better able to gauge student understanding when cameras are on.

Each student is unique and we understand there may be reasons why certain students may be unable to have their camera on.  Please contact your child’s school counselor or Principal if your child has a specific reason why they cannot have their camera on during class. 

Attendance will be recorded for each class period, students should Zoom into class on time.  Students arriving late will be marked tardy. 

  • Teachers initially take attendance at the start of class, but they may also complete attendance checks throughout each class period. 
  • Examples of attendance checks may include the following: 
    • Teacher sends a chat to the student via Zoom and the student responds
    • Teacher asks a student a question and the student responds 
    • Teacher shares a google form with a question for the student to answer and submit
  • If the student does not respond to multiple attendance checks, they will be marked as absent. It is important that our students remain in class the entire time and are engaged in the learning process. 
  • If a student needs to log out of class early, it is crucial they communicate with their teacher prior to leaving. Parents are  also encouraged to communicate with Mrs. Stokes our Guidance Secretary (440-974-2255) and attendance can be updated. 

The need for communication regarding attendance is very important.  Just as a student would not leave in the middle of a class while in school, logging off without communicating the need is the equivalent in this virtual environment.  Our Memorial staff look forward to working with all our students in the remote 75 minute block environment.  

As always, thank you for your continued support! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Ericka Blackburn